Agnes Mura

Agnes Mura

PARTNER (US-West Coast)

Agnes Mura, MA, is a globally experienced Master Certified Coach (MCC) to senior executives, boards, owners of closely held companies, and emerging leaders. Multi-generational senior executives (and their teams) turn to her at critical junctures in their career or corporate life-cycle, to strengthen their conversational intelligence, executive presence skills, their strategic perspective, and learning agility.
A hands-on business leader, Agnes was voted in 2013 on to the Board of Directors of Aircastle LLC, a multi-billion-dollar global company that acquires, leases and sells commercial jet aircraft to airlines worldwide. She also chairs the Board of the Institute of Professional Psychology Studies.
Agnes serves as adjunct faculty in the University of Miami’s Certified Professional Coach program.  For over 15 years, she has been on the International Coach Federation Assessors team, certifying coaches and accrediting coach training programs worldwide.
Agnes Mura’s personal journey as a leader was forged in her escape from communist Romania; then included teaching and managing an academic program in Germany, helping break the Soviet boycott of the 1984 Olympics as the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee’s Envoy, followed by a ten-year management career in international banking, last at at Bankers Trust Co. of New York.


Fluent in six languages, she holds a Master's degree in Philosophy and Linguistics from Cologne University, Germany; and a BA from Edinburgh University, UK. Her seminal book on organisational coaching strategies and practices, Coachbook, was released in 2011.
Clients for whom she has designed and delivered leadership programs in several languages include global 1000 companies in the Americas and Europe and many “fast” small and mid-size firms, especially in finance, accounting and consulting, pharma/healthcare, life sciences, and technology.



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