Sales Leadership & Performance

Fostering cultures of high performance

Demand generation, sales enablement, account-based selling, deal management, salesforce retention
         …The list of opportunities facing sales organizations is a long one. 

•    How do I equip my teams to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition?
•    How do I ensure customers buy from us when prospects have covered over 60% of supplier selection before we have even spoken to them?
•    How do I scale my salesforce to sell cross-enterprise platforms, not just products?
•    Why can’t we close deals faster? 
•    Our region missed gross margin targets again—what are we doing wrong?

These are a few of the issues preventing organizations from achieving competitive advantage and developing world class commercial practices.

Our team of sales experts help you navigate and master the tectonic changes in today’s sales world by focusing on:  

•    Sales Leadership
•    Sales growth planning and business development strategy
•    Sales organization design
•    Customer Success/Account Management discipline that retains and grows hard won business
•    Sales Enablement
•    Implementing technologies that help drive them all.

We never forget that your results are gained through your people – they are the key to your success. We support sales organizations in building a team of sellers who consistently perform well, and are focused to gain ground every day. Our global experience leverages proven methodologies and spans multiple sectors, including leading SaaS providers. Let us formulate an approach uniquely tailored to transform your sales results. 

OKR Consulting


Working with dozens of high-growth companies, we’ve observed that most founders and leaders grapple with variations on the same themes:

  • How to prioritize their business goals in a fast-paced environment, and

  • How to effectively marshal resources between teams and across the enterprise.

Leaders who develop these skills and leverage the Objectives & Key Results (OKR) process can drive strategic alignment and scale their organizations effectively. This applies to companies from early stage startups to established corporations.


Overall Objective:

Raise the performance of high-growth companies and their leadership teams, transforming operational execution and collaboration through the adoption of OKR best practices.

  • Bring quality products and services faster to market

  • Facilitate strategic planning for annual and quarterly goals


Key Results and Focus:

  • Design and institute more effective meetings processes (board, executive, leadership team)

  • Facilitate the OKR process including identification of attainable and quantifiable Objectives & Key Results at the corporate, function and individual levels

  • Establish an effective Management Information System (MIS) for tracking and reporting progress made on goals (quarterly/monthly/weekly/daily)


Engagements include interviews with key stakeholders to probe issues including:

  • Vision & strategy

  • Prioritization of objectives

  • Leadership, accountability & role clarity/fit

  • Collaboration breakdowns & bottlenecks

  • Team & interpersonal dynamics

  • Decision-making

  • Company management & administration

  • Communication & feedback

  • Performance management


Ongoing Work – Facilitation, Goal Tracking and Execution

  • Strategic and operational planning

  • Weekly leadership and quarterly team meetings

  • Team meeting agenda creation and facilitation

  • Coaching leaders and providing feedback to executives

  • Tracking progress against agreements and goals

  • Establish effective business “operating systems” and discipline for achieving quantifiable objectives & key results (OKRs)
  • Design and integrate Diversity & Inclusion efforts into the core business value proposition
  • Delivered first-ever strategic human capital analysis and people plan for a world-class international airport