Founders & High Growth Companies

Achieving vision and scale

GRL has deep expertise and first-hand experience in the unique leadership and organizational journey that Founders and Entrepreneurs face—including the competitive and funding pressures, speed and complexity that come at different stages of growth.  Our suite of coaching and consulting services help founders and their teams develop the strategic and operational skills required to grow their companies and their teams. 

  • Founder Coaching: Supporting Founders through rapid change, disruption and managing multiple stakeholders (co-founders, employees, investors, Board, partners, press, etc.).

  • Co-founder Conflict: Mediation between co-founders to resolve partnership and strategic roadblocks; developing new skills to manage conflict, handle derailers, deepen/repair trust and align around company objectives and purpose.

  • Executive Team Coaching: Coaching top teams to be high-performing, strategically aligned and brutally honest in the pursuit of customer relevance and category leadership.

  • Leader & Manager Boot Camp: Talent development programs tailored to your stage of growth, funding strategy and cultural values.

  • Strategic Planning: Quarterly and annual strategic planning facilitation and tools to align leaders around shared priorities, roles & responsibilities and core values. Embedding an operating system to identify and execute on what is most important (see OKR offering).

  • Coach Founders on managing multiple stakeholders, executive presence and strategic visioning

  • Advise Founder team during high-growth company expansion and hiring

  • Coaching/mediation of Co-Founders to manage conflict